Ed Kallen For Clarkstown Town Justice
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Help get the right kind of justice for Rockland County

When people need the help of the court or find themselves in trouble with the law, they need to feel that they will be treated fairly and with dignity. Those wronged, want justice. Those that do wrong need fair, swift and appropriate penalties. Equally important, the people of Clarkstown need to know that justice is being done so they feel safe in their homes, at work and on the streets.

The Justice Court is a “people’s court”. It is a place where most of our neighbors will likely appear to resolve a dispute or where they will be held accountable for their failure to obey a local traffic rule or other criminal infraction. It is a unique court. Many different types of cases are resolved there.

Clarkstown’s Justice Court is among the busiest in New York State. I believe, that as citizens in a free society, there must be unwavering confidence in our courts. Because of Clarkstown’s Justice Court size, we cannot tolerate inefficiency or incompetence. Because of its importance, we cannot tolerate ineffectiveness or disorganization. Inefficiency and delay drains confidence in the court. We must continue to do whatever it takes to keep our court continuously renewed and revitalized in order to fulfill its primary purpose of protecting the people of Clarkstown. We need judges in that court who have a broad caseload experience and know-how in the workings of the court system.

All people need to abide by the law and when laws are violated, a judge should not be afraid to enforce our laws, decisively and without political consideration. I believe in being a judge who works hard, is fair and conducts himself with integrity. That is my mission. My many life experiences as a husband, father, lawyer, teacher and member of various civic organizations have prepared me to be a dispute resolver – a judge. I invite you to examine this website and my resume and determine whether you think, as so many do, that it is “time for a change” in the Clarkstown Justice Court.

Ed Kallen